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Monday April 19, 2021
By Camera Jabber
Premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo has announced the series 4 ball head with patented zero-drift locking system capable of supporting up to 30kg. This makes it an ideal choice for all professional photographers using heavy weight cameras and lenses.
Ensuring maximum control for larger heavy cameras Gitzo has created a specially coated hollow-sphere ball with precision friction control. This head also features a dedicated pan axis thermo-stable fluid cartridge for smooth motion while panning moving subjects.
The Series 4 ball head has been update in both style and features that will have special appeal to wildlife photographers
The Gitzo Ball Head Series 4 is a heavy weight tripod head ideally suited to large telephoto lenses. While the lenses themselves might be heavy weight this ball head is surprisingly light at less than 1kg! Actually that weight is quite a bit compared with standard tripod heads, but this head is designed for the high end and wight kit able to carry camera, lens combos up to 30kg.
That maximum payload is more than enough to hold with almost any camera and lens combo you could wish to mount.
Smooth panning is one feature that’s incredibly important to wildlife and sports photographers and here GITZO has used their design and engineering experience in the field to create the ultimate smooth pan ball head.
Featuring a larger hollow sphere ball that has been designed to give free and easy movement with adjustable friction control. Knowing that wildlife photographers will work in any conditions the ball head has been created to maintain smooth and accurate use through a temperature range that spans between -30 and 70ºC.
As ever the Gitzo Ball Head Series 4 offers an Arca-Swiss style clamp making it fully compatible with other manufacturers base plates and L-Brackets.
The Gitzo Ball Head Series 4 is available for pre order now at £459.95.
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