The “Cats on Catnip” Photographer’s New Book Teaches You How to Take Photos of Your Cat – POPSUGAR

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Andrew Marttila, photographer and foster pet dad, gained so much popularity after releasing his “Cats on Catnip” photo series and book in 2018. Now, two years later, Andrew is back with another book, and this time, he’s teaching you how to take photos of your cats that are as amazing as his.
How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats is a fun and instructional guide filled with photography concepts as they specifically pertain to capturing cats. Inside its pages you’ll find Andrew’s incredible photos, as well as visual examples of how to fix common photography errors and take photos that require little editing. And even though Andrew and his fianceé, Hannah Shaw — better-known as The Kitten Lady — run a kitten foster rescue that gives him access to tons of new cats all the time, you can practice all of these skills at home with your own furballs.
Keep reading to see some of Andrew’s photos from the book, to read a few of its excerpts, and to purchase your own copy! And to see more from Andrew, follow along with his Instagram account, @iamthecatphotographer.
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