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The 2020 Sony World Photography Awards are now taking entries, and the organizers were once again kind enough to share some of their early photos with us, gathered here. This year’s competition has an expanded youth-competition schedule, a new overall environment category, and two new awards: the Latin America Professional Award, and the China National Student Award. Entries in the open competition will be accepted until January 7, 2020. Captions here were written by the photographers.
Sheep Herd. Open, Motion category. “The hard and dusty journey of a sheep herd in Bitlis, Turkey.”
Open, Street Photography. “The courtyard of a house. Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, 2019.”
Arctic Foxes. Open, Natural World & Wildlife.
Get Down From There. Open, Natural World & Wildlife. “A pair of mantises on the leaves of a plant that I don’t know the name of.”
Light & Shadow. Open, Street Photography. “A view in front of Şanlıurfa archaeological museum.”
Hut. Open, Portraiture. “Hut muse.”
High Country Road. Open, Landscape. “Spending two weeks on the South Island of New Zealand, nothing quite captured the feeling of being on the road and surrounded by amazing scenery other than this photograph.”
Apollo at First Light. Open, Natural World & Wildlife. “Apollo captured at first light as it was warming up to fly.”
Rothko Berg. Open, Landscape.”The rectangular iceberg reminded me of a Mark Rothko abstract painting, with its shadow on the water and the sky above adding to the effect. This berg was also enormous, but the scale is unknowable from the image.”
Local Man. Open, Portraiture. “This shot was taken on the ghat of Varanasi.”
Incensing Work 1. Open, Travel. “The woman is drying sticks of incense, a step in producing incense. In Vietnam.”
Clavadista. Open, Motion. “A swimmer, after being thrown into the water. Photograph taken in a pool in the Huasteca Potosina region.”
Meaning 1. Open, Architecture. “What happens when a depicted object loses its familiar shape and meaning?”
Creating Fabric. Open, Travel. “This was taken in Dazhai Village, China. The woman is a member of the Yao minority. This was taken with the light from one window.”
Out of the Mainstream. Open, Motion. “A big group of skiers enjoying the slope; they were all released from the cable-car lift station except for one, who preferred to go his own way. The picture was taken in the Swiss Alps, winter 2019.”
Untitled. Open, Natural World & Wildlife.
Open, Street Photography. “An Oromo girl playing with a ball and a Harari woman passing by. Harar, Ethiopia, 2019.”
Parallel. Open, Motion. “This image was taken while the ship sailed parallel to a bridge.”
Small Conference. Open, Natural World & Wildlife. “King penguins on South Georgia.”
Untitled. Open, Natural World & Wildlife.
Open, Natural World & Wildlife. “Humpback whales, photographed in Tonga.”
Dead Trees. Open, Landscape. “Photographed in Turkey in 2019.”
Untitled. Open, Street Photography.
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