Incredible Winners of the 2020 International Photography Awards – My Modern Met

“ANTARCTICA: The Waking Giant” by Sebastian Copeland (Germany). First Place – Book Photographer Of the Year, Professional Book, Nature.
The prestigious International Photography Awards (IPA) has looked over 13,000 entries and determined the best of the best. The expert jury has put forth the winners and a look at the top selections in the professional competition show just how talented this year’s field of photographers is. Now the winners of the 13 categories will go on to compete for the title of Photographer of the Year.
From sleek advertising photography to haunting editorial images, IPA’s categories allow the world’s top photographers to put their best images up for judgment—and the results do not disappoint. In the Nature category, Australian photographer Ari Rex took home the win for his dynamic photo of a lightning storm over Canberra. As lightning bolts settle over the Black Mountain, the twinkling lights of the city glimmer in the foreground.
Touching human moments were also rewarded, like Yo-Wei Chen’s moving photo of a father tightly hugging his daughter during her wedding. Likewise, Sandro Miller’s portraits of children who are part of an after school program to keep them off the dangerous streets of their Chicago neighborhood have a strong visual and emotional impact. Across the board, the winners put on a powerful display of artistic and technical skill.
As we wait for word of the grand prize winner, who will be awarded at a special online ceremony, scroll down and look at some of the top entries from this year’s competition.
“Blue Insularis 7” by Chin Leong Teo (Singapore). First Place – Professional Nature, Other.
“拜別時刻” by Yo-Wei Chen (Taiwan). First Place – Professional Event, Wedding.
“From the stage” by Jesús M.Chamizo (Spain). Architecture Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Architecture, Interior
“Black Mountain” by Ari Rex (Australia). Nature Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Nature, Seasons.
“Looking out from Within, 2020” by Julia Fullerton-Batten (United Kingdom). Fine Art Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Fine Art, Other
“Phoenix” by Marie Simonova (Russian Federation). First Place – Professional Advertising, Beauty.
“City Soleil : a Melody of Hope” by Urim Hong (United States). First Place – Professional Editorial / Press, Other.
“The Man Who Sold the World” by Adam Gearing (Australia). First Place – Professional Sports, Extreme sports.
“Extreme Panoramic Landscapes” by Alessandro Cantarelli (Italy). First Place – Professional Nature, Landscape.
“Odilo Lawiny – Handmade soccer balls” by Brian Hodges (Australia). People Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional People , Children.
“Best friends” by Claudio Piccoli (Italy). First Place – Professional Nature, Animals / Pets.
“time” by Titus Poplawski (Poland). First Place – Professional Analog / Film, Portrait.
“Pro Democracy Demonstrations, Hong Kong: The Revolution of Our Time” by Kiran Ridley (France). Editorial / Press Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Editorial / Press, General News.
“Crossing The Line” by Elena Paraskeva (Cyprus). Second Place – Professional Advertising, Fashion.
“Peony Study” by Saori Kurioka (United States). Second Place – Professional Nature, Flowers.
“In the bubble” by Atsushi Adachi (Japan). First Place – Professional Nature, Underwater.
“Coney Island – NYC’s Summer Playground” by Aristide Economopoulos (United States). First Place – Professional People , Street Photography.
“Exodus” by Nicolo Filippo Rosso (Colombia). Deeper Perspective Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Deeper Perspective
“The journey to the land of dreams” by Iwona Podlasinska (Poland). Still in Motion / Video Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Still in Motion / Video, Fine Art.
“Healing Landscape: A Damaged World in Transition” by joSon (United States). First Place – Professional Nature, Aerial / Drone.
“Hybrid Solar Eclipse and Maasai Warrior” by Eugen Kamenew (Germany). First Place – Professional Nature, Astrophotography.
“Extremest forms” by Ahmed Thabet (Egypt). First Place – Professional Architecture, Buildings.
“Colossal Shadows: Super Tuskers of East Africa” by Andrew Doggett (United States). First Place – Professional Nature, Wildlife.
“Mirror” by Szymon Brodziak (Poland). First Place – Professional Special, Smartphone Photography.
“Off the Street Club” by Sandro Miller (United States). First Place – Professional Event, Social Cause.
“Insect Portraits” by Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz (Spain). First Place – Professional Nature, Macro.
“A sustainable future of exquisite luxury mobility” by Mike Dodd (United Kingdom). Advertising Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Advertising, Automotive.

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