Moments in Time … in photographs – What's New LaPorte?


September 21, 2021
La Porte Municipal Airport, IN
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Photos and information provided by La Porte County Historical Society Museum (click to enlarge)

Betty Staffel behind the wheel of the family car, along with her children, in La Porte during the summer of 1959.

This giant log cabin was the gymnasium of Interlaken School. It was erected about 1910, east of Pine Lake Avenue near Waverly Road. After the school closed, the building was used as a dance hall, skating rink, tractor school and garage. It was demolished in the early 1930s; some of the logs were used in the reconstruction of George Thomas’s cabin for the city’s centennial in 1932.

Mable (Wyant) Barnes moved to La Porte from Royal Oak, Mich. She married Joseph Barnes, and they both became members of St. Peter Church in the 1930s.

Sep 20. 2021
Ah yes, the pre-seatbelt era. I remember those days. Nothing like hitting a steel dashboard when mom slams on the breaks. Lol. Those were good times. Simpler days, stylish American cars, & great music.
I think that seatbelts weren’t mandatory until 1968.
Can anyone ID what car mom is driving? I’m guessing maybe a Dodge or Plymouth by the push button shifter on the far left. I remember my mom drove a 1963 Plymouth Valiant when we were young.
Thanks for the memories.

Sep 20. 2021
the handgrips on the steering wheel are a trip to the past too. some of the chrysler products had almost square steering wheels with those grips at 10&2 oclock. now they tout ”3rd row seating” for 6 people. you could probably get 7 in your Valiant. fun days.

Sep 20. 2021
Lol. That’s so true. You could fit 7 people at least in those 50’s cars. Now you are lucky to fit 5 people in two seats.
And don’t get me started on how many people you could fit in the trunk for the drive-in movie.
Lynn E. Lisarelli

Sep 20. 2021
Loved the old car pic and no seat belts!! Oh, those were the good old days indeed.
Lisa Melton

Sep 20. 2021
Oh my we didn’t wear seat belts, we drank from the garden hose and (gasp) we didn’t wear bike helmets…. Not only did we survive but we are now OLD! What fun!

Sep 20. 2021
I still remember at the LP Fair playing some of the games as a kid to win prizes. If you won they would give you packs of non-filter cigarettes. You could eventually trade in enough packs to win a stuffed animal.
Also, as a kid, buying fireworks (Bootle rockets) at the store on “I” street next to the hospital.
Being out all day long without your parents wondering where you were, because they knew you were safe and just playing with your friends.
Anybody invent a time machine yet?