Former photographer for JonBenét Ramsey will serve 10 years in prison for child pornography – The Register-Guard

An Oakridge man who once photographed child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey will serve around 10 years in prison for child pornography charges. 
Randall DeWitt Simons, 68, was charged with 15 counts of first-degree encouraging child sex abuse in 2019.
Simons was convicted on all 15 counts Sept. 1 and was sentenced Friday in Lane County Circuit Court.
He was initially arrested after authorities began investigating a report from an Oakridge restaurant that someone had been using the restaurant’s Wi-Fi to download inappropriate and concerning images.
According to a search warrant affidavit filed in July 2019 in Lane County Circuit Court, police tracked a computer’s identification address from the restaurant’s Wi-Fi system after authorities had been notified of the illegal activity. The tracking led police to a man who lived near the restaurant and had given Simons a computer. 
Simons pleaded not guilty to all 15 charges in July 2019. 
While awaiting trial, he was released from jail in March 2020 after his attorney filed a motion citing Simons’ heart problems and his age in a motion expressing fear he would contract COVID-19. 
After more than a year of motions and postponements, including a failed defense motion to suppress evidence, Simons waived his right to a jury trial on Sept. 1. Waiving a jury trial is not the same as pleading guilty, but allows him to retain his right to appeal, an assistant district attorney explained. 
That same day, Circuit Court Judge Karrie McIntyre convicted Simons on all 15 counts. 
McIntyre then sentenced Simons on Friday to:
The consecutive sentences mean Simons will spend 10 years in prison, though he will get credit for time served. 
The remaining months of his sentences on counts 2-6 and all of the months on counts 7-15 will run concurrently with his time served. 
Simons also faces 36 months of post-prison supervision once he serves out his sentences. 
According to a 1998 article circulated by The Associated Press, Simons had been a photographer for the 6-year-old Colorado beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey a few months before her still-unsolved 1996 murder.
He later sold a portfolio of photos showing Ramsey in makeup and curls for $7,500, telling reporters his career was probably in jeopardy because of the controversy the sale created.
In October 1998, Simons was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure in Lincoln County, Colorado. According to the book “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town” by Lawrence Schiller, Simons was arrested in 1998 for allegedly walking nude down a residential street in the small town of Genoa, Colorado. Simons allegedly offered to the arresting deputy unprovoked, “I didn’t kill JonBenét.”
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