New England Woman Unknowingly Throws Out $1M Winning Scratcher –

Alright peeps, if this story doesn't restore a little faith in humanity, I'm not sure what will. And, for the record, you did read that headline correctly, and the story gets even crazier than that.
According to Good News Network, it all happened back in March at a little convenience store in Southwick Massachusetts. Lea Rose Vieda had gone in and purchased a scratch ticket. She stood there, scratched her ticket off, then after realizing it wasn't a winner, handed it back to the store clerk who tossed it into a discard pile of already scratched tickets.
A couple days later when the clerk was going through the pile of used tickets, he noticed that one of them hadn't been scratched all the way. Thinking that was a little strange, he decided to finish scratching it off. As the final number on the tickets was revealed, it became quickly evident that this ticket was a $1 Million winner.
The clerk, who happened to be the son of the store owners, was able to track down Lea Rose and told her that his parents needed to speak to her ASAP. When she came into the store they told that the ticket she had discarded was actually a massive winner. She couldn't even believe it… What's even more impressive is that the store remembered who the ticket belonged to and were so upfront and honest about making sure she got it back.
Lea Rose says she's going to tuck the money away for her retirement fund and of course gave a reward to the store for helping her realize she was a millionaire. The store also got a $10,000 bonus from the lottery for selling the winning scratch ticket.
Oh, and did we mention that just a couple of months ago Lea Rose Vieda almost died from COVID-19? Talk about a complete 180 of someone's luck. We wish Lea Rose and the owners of Lucky Stop, the sore where the ticket was purchased, all the best and that all the good karma comes their way!
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