First selfie studio in the Quad Cities opens this weekend –

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — When you think of a photography studio, you probably think of cheesy green screens in a department store. But in Davenport, a new immersive photography studio has a fun and unique take on the industry. 
Capture Selfie Studio is opening Saturday. It’s the first-of-its-kind business in the Quad Cities, which features multiple themed sets like a ball pit, rainbow wall and pink room.
The owners say it’s an affordable and creative space where you can take your own photos or come with a professional. Those interested can come on their own or with a group of friends.
The space isn’t just for people looking for the perfect Instagram post, but also businesses looking for creative marketing opportunities.
The owners say they were both inspired by places like this across the country, and they were also inspired by the creative community in the Quad Cities.
“We were inspired by bigger cities that do have things like this,” Co-owner Alissa Morrison says. “The Quad Cities is great growing all the time. It’s an amazing creative community here. It’s something I wanted to be a part of and do something that’ll help the community out.”
“I’m so excited for Saturday. And (I’m) so excited for people to get in here, being able to share their experience with us and others on social (media), seeing the fantastic quality of photos that we’re able to get.”
The sets will change seasonally, increasing the amount of photo opportunities for guests. The owners say there will be capacity limits that they’ll figure out as they go, to keep guests moving without overcrowding.
The photography studio’s hours, rates and reservations can be found on their website. Opportunities for private photoshoots with your own photographer, event or party are also available. 
Morrison says she hopes to see the studio grow into a larger space or multiple locations in the future. 
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