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Some photographers aim to challenge societal views. Others like to make bold statements with their images. Not all photography is pretty, and not all of it will make you feel good. There’s an important space for the type of work. But we’re not visiting that space today. Instead, we’re here for the feel-good and the heartwarming photography. The six photographers below will give us everything we need to wear a smile on our faces.
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Most people love dogs. They show us love like no other species on earth. They’re cute, adorable, and fun to be around. So when you take the world’s favorite domestic pet and put it in front of a camera, only good things are going to happen. Nicholas Lindsey’s heartwarming photography came through a series of doggy portraits. Having a hard day? Take a look at the series here, and you’ll be sure to feel better in no time!
Cats like to do their own thing. They’re the rebellious teenager of the household. But when they interact with humans, they make our hearts melt. Peter Thorne saw the potential in making eye-catching portraits of cats as they sat in front of vibrant backdrops. His long-term goal was to create a coffee book that everyone could enjoy. That was back in 2016, and sadly the book is yet to arrive. Don’t worry, you can enjoy the work here.
A baby is the beginning of a new life. These tiny humans can even make a heart of stone melt. So it’s no surprise photographer Amanda Steinbacher saw the potential in photographing them. But while a lot of newborn shoots lack creativity, Steinbacher’s photos come with an abundance of it, and we love them. Powerful colors and stylish props, working alongside these beautiful newborns. Lovely stuff. Take a look here.
Here at The Phoblographer, we love stories that you don’t read every day. The story behind this Pentax Spotmatic certainly caught our attention. Daimon Wright purchased the Pentax from who he describes as “a pretty young guy.” The previous owner had taken it traveling and used it as a creative way to propose to his girlfriend. Passing the camera to her, she took it to her eye, and at that point saw the words on the sensor “Marry me.” Read the full story here.
Scares, however they appear, are seldom associated with feel-good stories. Many people with scares suffer with anxiety and a lack of self-esteem. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Photographer Krysada Phounsiri aka Snap Pilots wanted to help people embrace their scares and fall in love with themselves. Speaking on his motivation, Snap Pilots had this to say, “I am an advocate for empowering voices, and my goal is to help bring visibility to the under-represented.” Take a look at the series here.
COVID-19 has been a tough time for all of us. Quarantine put many of us in a situation we had never experienced before. Many photographers used it as an opportunity to get creative. Michel Leroy was one of them. Having not made a single photograph for a month, Leroy got his family together, set up his home studio, and got to work. He created this image based on the AC/DC’s classic Highway to Hell cover. Back in 2020, he took us through the full process of creating the photograph. You can read about it here.
Photography is an awesome way of taking your mind away from the doom and gloom of life. While we’ll always show the world’s important stories, despite how sad they may be, we also want heartwarming photography. So, if you’re working on something that you think will make our hearts melt, send it in. You can use the form above to send us your work. If we like it, you may get featured and your work shown to our millions of readers.
Lead photo by Snap Pilots. All images used with permission.
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