Photographers Who’ve Captured the Camaraderie and Solitude of Surf Culture – Artsy

Jeff Divine, Steve Massefellar, Honolua Bay, Maui, 1978. Courtesy of the artist.
Don James, Bel Air Bay Club Jetty, 1939. © Don James Estate. Courtesy of ARCHIV-E.COM.
LeRoy Grannis, Pipeline (No.  77),  1965. Courtesy of M+B.
Jeff Divine, PCH, Laguna Beach, Calif., 1971. Courtesy of the artist.
Thomas Campbell, Alex, Rincon. © Thomas Campbell. Courtesy of ARCHIV-E.COM.
Morgan Maassen, Sage Erickson, duck diving in the crystalline water of the Marshall Islands. © Morgan Maassen. Courtesy of the artist.