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Photography by Juergen Teller
In your mind, how has editorial changed over the last 30 years? How has it remained the same?
Juergen Teller: Certain good magazines I work for give me more space and pages and I have more freedom to publish fairy tales.
What do you want to see more of in the future of publishing?
JT: That magazines still exist in the future. I am very fond of them.
Is it important for photography to seek honesty?
JT: Photography can be anything.
What does it mean, “honesty”?
JT: I’m honest to myself in terms of taking pictures, building narratives and what I want to express.
Does the act of photography feel like a performance?
JT: Yes, it can. You are like a director and gently direct people in front of the camera (or behind) to whatever you want to achieve. It’s a performance in terms of how you behave and make subjects laugh or be serious.
Describe your favorite shoot of the past six months.
JT: It’s a project my fiancée Dovile and I are working on that is related to our wedding, where the wedding guests will be given a personal gift. More I can’t say yet, but it’s excellent, exciting fun, physically demanding and something I’m proud of.
What’s the last image on your camera roll?
JT: Outside a bar in Venice, watching Italy beat England in the football final of Euro 2020.
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