Photographer Gray Malin captures dogs around New York City – Insider

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Gray Malin, a professional photographer known for works like “Prada Marfa,” told Insider that he’s a “true dog lover.” Having owned dogs all his life, Malin has included pups in his lifestyle imagery over the years, he said. Last year, he created a series centered around dogs living at the Beverly Hills Hotel, as Insider previously reported. 
This June, Malin took on his second big dog project in New York City when he photographed styled pooches for his latest series, “Dogs of New York City.” On Tuesday, he released the series on his website where prints are available for purchase.
Malin said has always been inspired by the “charming, luxurious, and iconic” New York City.
“This project allowed me to highlight some of the most famous spots in the city that are widely cherished, showing a close-up and stylized look at these locations through my playful lens,” Malin said.
Malin shot the entire project in one day, he said.
“It ended up being such a successful shoot, but I will admit it was a bit intimidating ahead of time,” Malin said. 
Malin said his crew cast dogs from private owners and professional trainers were on-site during the shoot to keep them happy. 
“Luckily, the dogs were exceptionally well behaved and excellently trained so it was truly a pleasure working with them,” Malin said. 
The shoot began around 4 a.m., Malin said, adding that it was “a bit chaotic.”
The key to working with dogs is patience, Malin said. 
Some shots, like this one, are supposed to feel simultaneously simple and elevated, Malin said.
“The German Shorthaired Pointer in this shot saved the day,” Malin said of the Central Park shoot, adding that this was the only dog who could clamp down on the thick baguette for long enough to get this shot. 
Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Malin said his family visited New York City and knew it for its iconic hotspots like the Plaza Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman, and Rockefeller Center.
“I love creating work that is timeless and I often use a filter on my images to evoke a retro and vintage feeling,” he added. 
“They add a sense of character and personality,” he added.
You can see the rest of Malin’s new series and his other work on his website