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Photography by Nadine Ijewere
What’s the last image on your camera roll?
Nadine Ijewere: A picture of me and my dad.
How do you narrow down a decade of work into a single book?
NJ: This was hard and there is so much work that I would have loved to include. I mostly selected more recent work because it represents where I am at as an artist currently.
How has editorial changed over the last decade?
NJ: Less budget. LOL!
What do you want to see more of in publishing?
NJ: More young photographers of color telling their stories.
Tia Sinclair, Tallawah, January 2020, by Nadine Ijewere.
Does photography ever make you feel like a tourist?
NJ: Yes, especially when I am photographing someone new. It’s almost like visiting a new place that I’ve never been to before. Getting to know the person, paying attention to every detail of them, it’s magical… most of the time.
What is the worst sin a photo book can commit?
NJ: For me, it’s faces in the gutter. I think if you’re going to have a two-page spread it’s very important to be aware of the gutter and what it does to your image.
If we see you coming with a camera, what should we do?
NJ: Be yourself, don’t be shy; or be shy, if that’s yourself.
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