Graduating Students Surprise Their Elderly Janitor With New Car –

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I wanted to make you smile on a Friday and I'm pretty sure the kindness in this video will do just that. A group of graduating students noticed that for the past four years, their school janitor, "Mr. Joe" was walking to work rain or shine. As you can tell from watching him walk in this video, he moves carefully being careful not to fall.
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After seeing this day in and day out, even in bad weather, students started talking among themselves about pooling their own money to surprise "Mr. Joe" with a new car.
Mr. Joe cleaned up after this group of kids for their entire high school experience and he got attached to many of them.  The kids wanted to give back to Mr. Joe and they knew this was the thing that he needed most.
Somebody's mama raised them right! Share this with anyone who needs to know that kindness is still alive and well. Way to go guys and congratulations Mr. Joe, you are proof that kindness comes back to you!