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The fine folks at Demolition Ranch blast a giant glass sphere with a few 50cal rounds after working up from some smaller ones. The big one is at about 14 minutes in. Trigger warning for those who don’t like to see people inhaling glass dust.
This year, I have been writing down all the new words I learn each day, and the comments had a new one on me:
The “counter impact” is known as spalling. The force from the bullet impacting transfers to the opposite face of the glass ball and causes it to split off or “spall”. This occurs with harder objects such as tank armor and there are specific types of ordnance known as HEP rounds that don’t penetrate armor but cause it to spall on the inside surface tearing up the inside of the tank or armored vehicle.
I’d always through the technical term for that was “blowed up real good.”
Image: YouTube / DemolitionRanch
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