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Everybody loves Roger Deakins. He is a brilliantly talented Oscar-winning DP with an incredible eye. Not surprisingly, he also has a passion for shooting stills, and over the years, he has a pretty large collection of images that, for the most part, have not been seen by many people.
Roger has announced the release of a book of still images he has taken over a 50 year period.
Roger Deakins is publishing a book of his still photographs this year. They cover a span of about 50 years. It will be released in August for the UK and the autumn for the US. It’s titled “Byways”.
BYWAYS includes previously unpublished personal black-and-white stills that reflect a life spent looking and telling stories through images from 1971 to the present. After graduating from college, Roger spent a year photographing life in rural North Devon on a commission for the Beaford Arts Centre; these images attest to a keenly ironic English sensibility and serve as a record of a time and place of vanished post-war Britain.
My work as a cinematographer is a collaborative experience and, at least when a film is successful, the results are seen by a wide audience. On the other hand, I have rarely shared my personal photographs and never as a collection.
Some of the images in his new book were shot from Rapa Nui, New Zealand, and Australia, which he took while traveling. Others are images that caught his eye on weekend walks or catching the last of the light at the end of a day’s filming when working on projects in cities such as Berlin or Budapest, on Sicario in New Mexico, Skyfall in Scotland, and England on 1917.
Roger has wanted to share his images for a long time, and now he finally will. BYWAYS is available for preorder and will ship in the U.K for €50.00 in August and the United States this coming fall. You can also preorder from Amazon for $55.00. Yes, I preordered a copy and looking forward to seeing 50 years of the master DP’s black and white images.
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