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By Ted Grussing
… when other wildlife shooting goes into the doldrums, there is always the alternative and much more diminutive “wild” insects to shoot … of necessity all shooting is hand held and in most cases manual focus is used because the subject matter is just to small to acquire and lock on the target. You decide to shoot a subject that is in constant and erratic flight … just to up the ante a bit.
So, that is what is going on in these photos. They were taken on Lake Mary last year and I used the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens mounted on my Canon 5D MK IV camera body. Methinks it did pretty well. The detail and structure of the wings of these flying machines is absolutely amazing. It is a Blue Darner Dragon Fly. Both of us came away with some fabulous shots of these beautiful life forms.

The present challenge is to do a repeat with the new R5 bodies I just bought. Think I am starting to get the hang of them and looking forward to the next outing at the lake.
A little photo work tomorrow and finish up a couple of gemstones; one faceted (blue apatite) and one cabochon (opal) … maybe more if I get on a roll and that does happen when everything goes according to plan.
Have a beautiful day tomorrow and every day you are granted … always your choice!
The easiest way to reach Mr. Grussing is by email: [email protected]
In addition to sales of photographs already taken Ted does special shoots for patrons on request and also does air-to-air photography for those who want photographs of their airplanes in flight. All special photographic sessions are billed on an hourly basis.
Ted also does one-on-one workshops for those interested in learning the techniques he uses.  By special arrangement Ted will do one-on-one aerial photography workshops which will include actual photo sessions in the air.
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