Photos: Kelly Presnell, 2021 ANA Photographer of the Year – Arizona Daily Star

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Arizona Daily Star photojournalist Kelly Presnell was named 2021 Photographer of the Year by the Arizona Newspapers Association. Presnell has been at the Daily Star for nearly 18 years. This is his fourth consecutive POY award.
Canyon del Oro senior Alyssa Lopez, posing for a photo, was the school’s No.1 player, April 29, 2020, Tucson, Ariz. Lopez was one of hundreds of area high school athletes whose season was cut short by COVD-19.
The Bighorn Fire breaks onto the southern slopes of the Santa Catalina Mountains and burns over a pair of homes in the foothills just west of the Finger Rock Trailhead, Tucson, Ariz., June 10, 2020.
Arizona defensive back Lorenzo Burns (2) takes down wide receiver Drake London (15) after he tried to leap for extra yardage following his catch in the first quarter of their Pac 12 game at Arizona Stadium, Tucson, Ariz., November 14, 2020.
Arizona head coach Sean Miller gets his money’s worth during a discussion with one of the game officials in the first half against Arizona State at Desert Financial Arena, Tempe, Ariz., January 21, 2021.
A woman passively confronts a row of Tucson, Ariz., Police as they advance their line a few yards at the corner of Cushing and Church, May 28, 2020, during a protest in the wake of nationwide anger following the death earlier in the week of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Samairani Gamez practices a step-off, one of the pool entry techniques, and to keep her head above the surface during lifeguard training class at Sunnyside Pool, Tucson, Ariz., April 17, 2021.
A DC-10 air tanker drops below the ridge line in his path to make a slurry drop as the battle moves to the northwest and crews work to keep the Bighorn Fire from spreading through Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, Ariz., June 11, 2020.
Arizona second baseman Allie Skaggs (9) loses her grip on the ball while colliding with right fielder Isabella Dayton (4) letting Team Mexico’s Brigette Del Ponte reach on a pop-up in no-man’s land in the second inning of their exhibition game in the Bear Down Fiesta at Hillenbrand Stadium, Tucson, Ariz., April 10, 2021.
City lights reflect off the clouds behind nearly a dozen girls from the North and Sabel families and friends piled into the bed of a borrowed pick-up for a screening of Grease at the Cactus Drive-in at Medella Vina Ranch, May 28, 2020, Tucson, Ariz. The green lights are from the rented headsets used to hear the audio from the night’s feature, Grease.
Kelly Jones heads for the track to run a heat in the Thunder Trucks division at Tucson Speedway, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020. It was Jones first time behind the wheel at the track after taking years off to support her two kids and husband Dustin with their racing and help run the family business.
Racer Kelly Jones, left, talks with her dad, Colin Germain, about her upcoming qualification laps in the Thunder Trucks division as husband Dustin dives into the truck cab for some last minute adjustments, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020.
Kelly Jones laces up her shoes, the same ones she last used 16 years ago at age 18, prior to her practice laps at Tucson Speedway, and her return to racing after taking off the last six years, Tucson, Ariz., October 16, 2020.
Devin Jones talks to his mom Kelly Jones while she waits in line to make her qualifying run in the Thunder Trucks at Tucson Speedway, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020.
Kelly Jones and her husband Dustin sit on the ramp to the trailer to talk about her qualifying run, where she placed fifth in Thunder Trucks, at Tucson Speedway, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020.
Thunder Trucks driver Kelly Jones gets a hug from her daughter Keirstin as the two wait in the pits for Kelly’s race at Tucson Speedway, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020.
Racer Kelly Jones brings her truck, center in yellow, blue and black, into turn one in the night’s preliminary heat at Tucson Speedway as she returns to the track after six years, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020.
Dustin Jones gives his wife Kelly a big thumbs up as she rolls into post race inspection after her fourth place finish in Thunder Trucks, the feature race at Tucson Speedway, and her fist race in six years, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020.
Kelly Jones gets a congratulatory kiss from husband Dustin after she drove to fourth place finish in Thunder Trucks at Tucson Speedway, Tucson, Ariz., October 17, 2020. The two met as teenagers racing at the speedway.
Staff photographer with the Arizona Daily Star since 2003. Winner of a few awards, loser of many more. Ex-goalkeeper.
Photo editor
Rick Wiley is the photo editor of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson. From 1995-2004, he was director of photography at the East Valley Tribune in Mesa. From 1988-94 he was a photographer at the Tucson Citizen. He is a graduate of ASU (yes, that ASU).
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