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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – The North Dakota Attorney General’s Office said complaints continue to roll in every day against a Bismarck-based photography business, and more than 500 have already been filed.
A lawyer representing Glasser Images said people will be able to download their photos, at no cost, for one year.
“That’s more than we’ve heard so far and I’m happy for a lot of the other couples who will be able to obtain their photos,” said Crystal Brunner-Thompson.
It’s the news they had been hoping for since glasser images’ sudden closure two weeks ago. A software photo gallery company and previous vendor of the now-closed business has stepped up to ensure clients get their precious memories.
“When we heard about the situation, we decided it was our responsibility to step up and try to help,” said COO of Foreground (ShootProof’s umbrella company) James Scott.
ShootProof is using its corporate giving program ‘Galleries for Good’ as a way for couples to access and download their photos for free for one year. This news leaves brides like Brunner-Thompson wondering if those pictures will be the edited version they paid for or the raw files.
“I have a feeling our photos are kind of stuck between two places,” said Brunner-Thompson, “I don’t know if this platform where they’re going to allow people to download photos from if we will be able to receive them all or not.”
Scott said while ShootProof is not an editing company, it will work to connect clients with other vendors who can edit the pictures for them.
“Our priority is getting the images to the end clients,” said Scott.
“It kind of a little happiness back,” said Brunner-Thompson, “It’s a step in the right direction but it’s still going to take a while to get there.”
The announcement has answered some questions for clients but leaves subcontractors like Emerson Rice with even more questions.
“I care about the clients all of us care about the clients they want what’s best for them but at the same time we need to eat we need to pay rent and we’re not seeing that money and we’re taking the blame for everything when really Jack Glasser should be to blame,” said Rice.
ShootProof is also offering to help former Glasser Images photographers with a free year of ShootProof’s 5000 Photo Plan (a value of $204).
Scott asks clients and subcontracts to look for updates and submit questions to them here.
The full statement from ShootProof on the situation is below:
“ShootProof, an all-in-one photography platform for photographers, has stepped in to offer free access to Glasser Images clients and their important photos. The galleries will be available for the photo sessions completed prior to the closing of Glasser Images.
Upon hearing about the challenges clients and photographers were facing in gaining access to their photos from Glasser Images, ShootProof reached out to offer support. ShootProof is assisting in getting images electronically delivered to the affected clients through their gallery software. ShootProof is expecting to be able to connect thousands of former Glasser Images clients with their photos.
“ShootProof was created by photographers to help families capture and preserve life’s most precious memories. It’s at the heart of everything we do,” noted ShootProof CEO Stephen Marshall. “We understand, intrinsically, the passion and emotion that goes into documenting these milestone events – from the perspective of the families and photographers alike. We are happy to be able to help provide some solutions and peace of mind for those impacted.”
Through their corporate giving program called Galleries for Good, ShootProof will host the photo galleries, including free downloads, for impacted Glasser Images clients for free for one year. ShootProof will also unlock all old galleries within the Glasser Images account so former Glasser Images clients can have access to their digital images. For extra measure, clients can use ShootProof’s new Print Store to easily create photo gifts and personalized keepsakes.
On the photographer side, ShootProof is offering to help these small business owners with a free year of ShootProof’s 5000 Photo Plan (a value of $204) to any photographer that was employed or subcontracted by Glasser Images.
“ShootProof efforts are providing reassurance twofold, for impacted clients, as well as photographers,” noted Ashtyn Goheen, owner and photographer at Ashtyn M Photo. “As a photographer, I understand the importance of my client’s photos. Those are priceless memories. I feel relieved that there will be an efficient way to deliver those photos to the clients affected. I’m encouraged to see a business like ShootProof step up in the way that they have.”
Clients and photographers who have been impacted by the closure of Glasser Images can find out more information about the plan for delivery of images by visiting”
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