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FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) – Bay Area photographers and others across the country are banding together to ignite change from camera manufacturers after countless thefts and violent robberies.
More recently, a Fremont man was robbed at gunpoint after he was followed home by thieves from Marin Headlands where he was taking photos.
“The whole thing happened and it was over in 10 to 20 seconds right? So there was not even a moment to have a rational thought, what should I do in this case?” Louis said. 
Louis, who didn’t want to use his last name, recounts the harrowing moments when he was held up at gunpoint and robbed, right in front of his house. 
Home and car surveillance video captured the whole robbery as it unfolded.
Louis says he soon realized that these two men in masks followed him all the way to his Fremont home from Marin after he finished shooting some photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.
While he was parked in his driveway, the two robbers approached his car. One of them went to the back, smashing his window and taking off with his camera bag.
Louis quickly followed them and drove into their car in an attempt to stop them.
“That’s when I saw the driver come around his car and pointed a gun at my face, right? And I’m like uh this is terrible and just freaked out. He walked around my car and I heard the gunshot go off,” Louis said.
Thankfully no one was injured but Louis and other photographers say this happens way too often, which is why they’re now speaking out, weeks after this incident.
Jeff Lewis and Louis who was recently robbed are part of a petition started a couple days ago to demand change from camera manufacturers.
Popular YouTubers and photographers, Chelsea and Tony Northrup, are also behind the cause, saying anti-theft technology is now a must for cameras.
“Theft has been a problem in many different industries and we’ve seen other industries make changes by implementing anti-theft technologies into their cars, into their smartphones, even into their tools and we hope to use these same technologies and put them into cameras so photographers are less of a target,” Chelsea said.
Some of their suggestions in the petition include passcodes, lens pairing, GPS tracking, biometrics and remote disabling.
So far, a couple thousand people have backed the cause and signed the petition.
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