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This story has been modified since its initial publication to reflect a correction.
Notable Walla Walla portrait photographer Marty Huie died at 3:24 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3, at Providence St. Mary in Walla Walla.
He was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after taking a trip a few weeks ago, according to his younger brother, Myron Huie.
Marty Huie was with his wife, Susan Huie, when he died, and they were joined by his son and daughter on a video call.
Myron Huie, a member of the Walla Walla City Council, says his brother passed away peacefully and without much pain.
“He was a great community leader,” Myron Huie said, about his brother. “But I’m not sure he even realized how great of a leader he was.”
Marty Huie was many things to many people — a friend, husband, brother, mentor, photographer and believer.
Marty Huie was a community leader amongst many other things and was largely respected by the Walla Walla community, his brother recalled.
Marty Huie was known for his incredible wizardry behind a camera lens, as he had his own successful business known as “Professional Photography by Marty Huie.”
Marty Huie was well-recognized as one of the region’s premiere photographers and was greatly respected within the photography community as a mentor and a leader, Myron Huie said.
“I watched him build his first dark room in the basement of our parents’ home,” he said. “Then he eventually bought a studio and set it up. He did everything from scratch — and remarkably, he was entirely self-taught.”
Jamie Brown, owner of Jamie Brown Photography in Milton-Freewater and one of Marty Huie’s many mentees, is grateful to him for helping her grow her confidence and ultimately start her own photography studio and salon.
“He was a sweet, jovial man who was full of sage wisdom and laced with punny jokes,” Brown said. “He truly cared for others. He was always generous with his time and was quick to share anything he had that you may need.”
He was well-known for having people over to his 6,000 square foot home and, as any local Seattle Seahawks fans would know, a gathering at Marty and Susan Huie’s home was always a good time.
He converted a shed at his house into what he called “the Cave,” said his brother, Myron Huie.
The Cave had a huge projecting screen where Marty would play the Seahawks games.
Everyone was welcome over on football Sundays. Folks would come for pizza, popcorn and snacks, and have their choice of chair, sofa or recliner.
It was often a community event, Myron Huie said, and Marty Huie definitely had the room for it.
Myron Huie said he was proud to see his brother’s many mentees gather to provide emotional support to Susan Huie in the loss of her husband.
“Marty challenged me to grow and evolve and never stay complacent,” Brown said. “He pushed me outside of my comfort zone many times in business endeavors and made me realize my worth.
“Even though he had decades more experience than I did, he valued me as a friend and an equal in the photography industry, always referring to me as his ‘colleague’.”
Marty Huie was an avid church-goer, and loved his opportunity to share his faith with others, Myron Huie noted.
He started going to church when he was younger and quickly became a leader within his church community.
Marty Huie was thrilled that he had the chance to serve his church and share his faith, as well as provide his vocal abilities to the congregation.
“He often bragged that his instrument was very portable,” Myron Huie said. “He went with it [his voice] everywhere. He thought what my sister and I did was a nuisance because we actually had to carry our instruments around.”
Marty Huie’s humor hardly failed to make others laugh.
“He was well known in the community for being a person of humor, a person of leadership, a person who could be genuine friends with you,” Myron Huie said. “He had a wide network of friends.”
Marty Huie was born and lived in Walla Walla his entire life and, according to his brother, never had any plans for leaving. 
Myron Huie is a current Walla Walla City Council member.
Emily Solomon can be reached at [email protected].
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