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An introduction to my Honors Project.
Riley Wania, Photo Editor
For my Honors Project this year, I wanted to do something that forced me to expand my skills while also allowing me to express my creative side, that I do not get to use very often. At every event, I feel that there is always a safety shot- a shot that you know will automatically be great. Once you have this shot (or a few of them), you have more creative freedom; however, if the wind is high, the sky is cloudy, the kids are crabby, the team is strictly playing defense, this shot may take a while to not only find, but capture, allotting less time for you to be creative, hence how this idea for my project came to be. I wanted to allot myself that time to be creative, and not only that, but to share my creative photos.
Each month, I will pick one theme from which I will base a small gallery off of. This month, I chose movement.
Movement is all around us, and one of my favorite things about photography, is that you are able to freeze that motion in a single frame. In sports, you are able to shoot a fast moving ball and stop it in mid air. In portrait sessions, the subject can run, skip, spin, or do whatever their little heart desires, and still create a perfectly “crispy” photo, but as I said before, you have to have your safety shot. You cannot experiment with blur and shutter speed, because who wants to frame a blurry shot? I wanted to do this theme to prove that BOTH can look good!
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