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The time has come! USC versus UCLA is back in full force with fans in the stands. This Saturday the two historic programs meet. These are not the best circumstances, but even when the mood at the two schools is bleak, the one week of rivalry passion brightens the sporting scene in Los Angeles. A win in this game makes life taste better, no matter how brutal the previous two and a half months have been.
Both teams are enduring profound struggles in the 2021 campaign and there is a huge possibility of both schools searching for new head coaches.
Everybody knows about the storied rivalry between these two. Saturday’s game is just another chapter in the long book.
While the Trojans are in the middle of a very forgettable season, let’s not forget some of the great games in the history of this rivalry.
For this, we dipped all the way back to the 1960s and 1970s. Sit back and enjoy before Saturday’s game. The double-home uniforms which make this rivalry special create the most beautiful visual in college football.
Having a bad day? USC-UCLA double-home uniforms will make your life better.

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You KNEW this was going to happen as soon as USC and Cal rescheduled their game. Right?
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