Wildlife photography: practical tips for outdoor shootings with dogs and horses – Market Research Telecast

November 20, 2021

table of contents

Wildlife photography: practical tips for outdoor shootings with dogs and horses

Locationscouting: Organization

Location scouting: backgrounds and light

Dealing with the animal models

Conclusion: light, camera, action, go!

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Dogs, cats and horses usually feel very comfortable in their familiar surroundings. Photographing them here is particularly easy because the animals are relaxed and the photographer knows the conditions inside out. But such images quickly lose their appeal, as the motifs and settings are repeated. At some point familiarity turns into boredom. The potential for further development in photography will then be exhausted at the latest.

Wildlife photography

In order to show you new ways, in this article we go on an animal photo excursion to the beach and look for real dream locations in the forest. You will learn how to motivate your animals to model themselves in the wild and how to safely organize a shoot.
A shoot should also be as stress-free as possible in an unfamiliar environment. Animals don’t know the concept of photography and modeling. As soon as they are on set, time is running out – not only with regard to the lighting conditions, but above all because the four-legged friends’ concentration and patience are constantly decreasing. That is why it depends on good preparation and clever planning. Only when the motifs have largely been determined and the photographer and helper know exactly when and where a model should stand or run will a shoot succeed as desired.

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