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Get your phones ready! This Instagram-ready playground just opened at Bridgewater Commons – My Central Jersey

BRIDGEWATER – Posing for that break-the-internet selfie or group shot just got easier and tons more fun. Open since Black Friday, POP! at Bridgewater Commons is an interactive photo playground with 15 Instagram-ready rooms to explore and capture shareable pics and videos.Located on the lower level across from Build-A-Bear Workshop, the themed rooms are both modern and retro and include four different “photo-booth” settings. The painted […]

Photography is a looking glass – The Prospector – The Prospector

Miners get two straight wins in conference playGrammy award-winning artists perform in El PasoPhotography is a looking glass Annabella Mireles, Photo EditorJanuary 21, 2022I believe photography is not only artwork, but also a looking glass for people to view perspectives of events they might not have seen before. Photos paired with an enticing story enhance […]

The Art of Building photography competition announces 2021 winners – Archinect

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