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Friday Faceoff: Are Tracks Dropping The Ball When Marketing Their Events? –

(Photo: Nigel Kinrade Photography)Former drivers Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Clint Bowyer tested the NASCAR Cup Series’ Next Gen car at Bowman Gray Stadium Oct. 26. Should NASCAR race there?Luken Glover: Absolutely! Tracks like Rockingham Speedway, North Wilkesboro Speedway and Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville have topped my list, but if Bowman Gray is a realistic possibility, […]

Diamonds and Emeralds and Rubies, Oh My — Houston Ballet Ball's Launch Party is Awash in Serious Jewels – PaperCity Magazine

®PAPERCITY ©2021 urban publishers, inc. all rights reserved terms & condition // privacy policy // sitemapLynn Wyatt wins the diamond and ruby earrings from Diamonds Direct and receives the jewels from Kelli Weinzierl. (Photo by Jones, Patti Murphy, Terry Wayne Jones, Cheryl Byington, Jim Jordan at the Houston Ballet Ball kick-off. (Photo by […]

Novel color photography using a high-efficiency probe can super-focus white light into a 6-nanometer spot – Phys.Org

Click here to sign in with or Forget Password? Learn more share this!62020ShareEmail November 25, 2021 by Holly Ober, University of California – Riverside Scientists have developed new materials for next-generation electronics so tiny that they are not only indistinguishable when closely packed, but they also don’t reflect enough light to show fine details, such […]

Photo Of The Rock Next To Charles Barkley Is Going Viral – The Spun

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"Black Boy Fly" – The Birth of a 240-Page Photography Book Dedicated to the Diversity of Black Men –

November 29, 2021November 26, 2021November 24, 2021November 22, 2021November 29, 2021November 26, 2021November 25, 2021November 22, 2021November 18, 2021November 17, 2021November 9, 2021October 7, 2021November 22, 2021November 16, 2021November 2, 2021October 26, 2021November 24, 2021November 22, 2021November 22, 2021November 22, 2021November 29, 2021November 26, 2021November 26, 2021November 25, 2021November 20, 2021November 9, 2021October 20, 2021September […]

Women's lacrosse team inspires future female athletes with free youth clinic – The Lafayette

Elementary participant in Lafayette women’s lacrosse team’s free clinic successfully scooping a ground ball in “Hungry Hippo” drill. (Photo courtesy of @lafayette_wlax instagram) Colleen McNamaraOctober 1, 2021The Lafayette Women’s lacrosse team invited youth players and families of the Lehigh Valley community to participate in a free youth clinic Saturday, Sept. 25 on Fisher Field. The […]

This homecoming tradition involves a lucky game ball, 100 miles, and spirited Ranger Company cadets – Virginia Tech Daily

14 Oct 2021“Game ball! Touch the homecoming game ball!”Earlier this week, three Army ROTC students from the Ranger Company, dressed in black T-shirts, black shorts, and reflective belts, ran up the sidewalk on Kent Street, holding out a football. Some who passed them looked perplexed.Others, like Andrew Adams who was walking to class, reached out […]

Model embraces culture through photography – NewsDay

–BY KIMBERLY KARIATICONCEPTUAL model Ruvarashe “Zoey” Udenge says her biggest achievement in the modelling industry was self-discovery and expression through photography that empowers black women to embrace their beauty and culture.In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Zoey said the creative industry had enabled her to freely express her thoughts and be a positive […]

What You Didn’t Know About Barkley L. Hendricks – The New York Times

AdvertisementSupported byThe less celebrated side of the artist’s career, his photographs, receive deserved attention in a new book.Send any friend a storyAs a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share.By Arthur LubowBarkley L. Hendricks portrayed Black people who exude attitude. “In the Black community, you stand […]

Using a Flash for Insect Photography – PetaPixel

I’ve shot thousands of pics of insects without flash and tens of thousands with flash. When the lighting is bright and sunny, the results can be good without flash. But when I venture out in pursuit of photo ops, I often encounter poorly lighted situations which are better with flash. If you study the work […]